These Easy Yoga Positions will Help You Lose Weight Quickly

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Yoga has become a symbol of fitness worldwide. But in India it has more significance than just being a realm of physical exercises. In India it is considered as a path of spiritual awakening through physical exercises and balancing. Yoga is not just a way to be healthy physically but it also soothes and calms ones mind. So, yoga is a complete capsule of physical and mental wellness.

If you are someone who don’t like strenuous gym training and you wish to stay healthy, then yoga is a perfect solution for you.Yoga has power to heal your physical as well as mental aliments. It is also helpful in curing respiratory problems due to inclusion of various prayanamas in it. It also include various asanas which are very effective in weight lose regime. So, embrace the yoga and remember “healthy mind resides in a healthy body”.

1. Ardhakatichakrasan- Half wheel

Instructions: It might not seem easy to do, but try standing straight and bending towards the side and with the help of support of your palm stretch your other hand and leg towards the sky.

Benefits: It’ll work all the muscles on your side and limbs.

2. Ardhanchandrasan- Half moon

Instructions: Keep your feet close together and while taking your breath in bend towards one side with your hand upstretched. Breathing in and out is instrumental in the process of doing an asana. It’s necessary to pay attention to it.

Benefits: It’ll exercise your side muscles and help you stretch all your limbs, while relaxing you at the same time.

3. Ardha Matsyendrasan- Half Spined twist

Instructions: Sit straight with your legs outstretched in front of you, lift one of them and place your foot beside the knee of the outstretched leg. Put the opposite hand of the leg that is up the other leg and place it behind your knee with the other hand on the floor for balance.

Benefits: It’ll make your back stronger, exercising your back muscles as well your abs and thighs.

4. Adhomukha Svasan- Downward facing dog

Instructions: Keep nominal distance between your feet and bend forward while breathing in so that both your palms are flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are also flat on the ground.

Benefits: It’ll stretch your limbs and help you exercise your abs.

5. Bhekasan- Frog

Instructions: It is similar to the reverse Naukasan but in this one you just stretch your feet towards your butt.

Benefits: It’ll exercise your calves and back.

6. Chakrasan- The bridge variation

Instructions: Lie straight and pull your legs upwards bent at the knees. Keeps your feet flat on the ground. Now, try lifting yourself up while holding your ankles while keeping your head on the ground.

Benefits: It’ll work your back and abdomen primarily.

7. Naukasan- Boat

Instructions: It means to pose like a boat. Outstretch both your limbs forward and stay that way for some time. There is a reverse variation to this to where you can hold both your feet while lying on the floor on your stomach.

Benefits: It’ll strengthen your stomach muscles and leg muscles.

8. Purvottasan- Upward plank

Instructions: Spread your legs in front of you to the maximum extreme as possible, put both your hands at the back and try to lift yourself up as much as you can.

Benefits: It’ll strengthen your forelimbs and over all over balance.

9. Surya Namaskar- Prayer to the Sun

Instructions: It’s a combination of twelve asanas which is like a short workout which takes care of almost everything.

Benefits: It’ll keep you healthier in an all inclusive way and work on all of your body instead of concentrating on one
part of it.

10. Trikonasan- Triangle

Instructions: Spread your legs as far as possible, keeping them straight. Try to place your palm flat on the floor while bending towards the side opposite to your upward stretched arm.

Benefits: It’ll work on your side muscles and your thighs.

11.Utkatasan- Chair

Instructions: Stand upright and keep some gap between your feet and sit with your butt out like sitting on a chair and your hands outstretched for balance. Make sure your knees and feet are in one line.

Benefits: It’ll work the insides of your thighs, calves, abdomen and back.

12. Veerbhadrasan- Warrior

Instructions: Keep a large gap between your legs and stretch your limbs sideways. Face sideways and open the palm of the side you face upwards.

Benefits: It’ll work on your things and your sides.

13. Vrkasan- Tree

Instructions: There are two versions, one is the folding of your hands near your chest and one is stretching them skywards.Stand on one leg with the other one place on your thigh.

Benefits: It’ll stretch and exercise all the muscles in your body.

14. Vasisthasan- Sage pose

Instructions: It might be a difficult to master but if you can do a side plank then this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Benefits: It’ll work your abs as well the strength of your limb muscles.

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