7 Things Which Are Not Going to Change After You Loose Your Virginity

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VIRGINITY? Often, girls are judged on the basis of virginity. If a girl is frank enough to talk about her love-relations that really doesn’t mean that she is not virgin.But ,is it wrong if she is really not virgin? Like how can be anyone judged on this?

Having physical relation totally depends on an individual.If  a girl is interested in this then it is not a big deal at all.There are many rumors that if a girl losses her virginity then she will be facing many changes after that.

Rumors doesn’t matter if you believe in yourself.It is something that can be called as personal decision.It depends on you if want to have sex or not.Just forget about the idiots-made rumors.

Here ,in this article you will get to know about that there are many things that does not change even if you loose your virginity.


Your character does not depend on your virginity or non-virginity.What you were before will not change after loosing virginity.Having sex with a guy doesn’t make any girl characterless.It is her choice and she has full right to do whatever she wants.

No one can judge her character in the basis of virginity.But still she is being judged and is often called by some cheap names.Bloody cheapsters!


As said ,that if you will loose your virginity then you will put on weight.Totally wrong ,this just a kind of myth related to penetration.You do not gain weight due to sex,but it may be due some unuseful diet that you are taking.So,do not get tensed about your body weight .It may break your hymen but it does not causes any other physical deformities.

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